Norbert Boutellier, SEO

Today world is constantly changing.
It is necessary to meet challenges with innovative and creative solutions,
working together as one team: this is one of our essential principles.

We are committing all our resources to help our clients
reach higher results faster: thinking 3D, speaking 3D, dreaming 3D.

Norbert Boutellier, CEO

3D Rivers Way

“Thinking 3D, speaking 3D, dreaming 3D” denotes the way we feel at 3D Rivers. First of all, it expresses our desire to go beyond what our customers hope for or even dream is possible.

3D Rivers mission is to help Internet community meet the growing need for a wide range of well-designed, high quality 3D models and CG  products in a constantly changing environment.

We keep up with constantly growing technology level and people needs. We continually work to improve on past results, believing that the way to success goes through the constant self-challenging process.  3D Rivers is convinced of an unlimited potential of everyone, who is talented, result oriented, ambitious and persistent. Upon this belief we have built our team of experienced and talented professionals.

Our goal is to establish long-term relationships with our customers and partners. Ensuring a high level of satisfaction among our clients is the main component of our success.  We seek to exceed their expectations in everything we do – it does not matter whether this is a 3D model or CG project.

Our Core Values

The 3D Rivers' strategy is guided by several fundamental principles. Team, Talent, Quality, Confidence and Responsibility – that's how we defined our core values. Upon these beliefs we build our three-dimensional world.


The spirit of creativity is vital for the birth of new 3D models. People, their ideas and talent – that's what really matters to us.


We work as one team, a team of creative, energetic people. We believe great results can be only achieved through teamwork, shared knowledge and ideas. Each person's contribution is important on the way to success.


We love what we do. We make every effort to succeed in our projects, guided by simple aim: to devote our talent and technology to creating superior products to help our partners and customers achieve their goals. Our main reward is our clients' recognition and loyalty.


We are curious to the world around us - needs, goals and values of our clients. We are open-eyed, open-minded and open-hearted.  We value your experience with us. Your feedback is important! If you have any questions about our products and services, or you just want to share with us your emotions and ideas please feel free to express yourself – contact us any way you prefer.


We value responsible approach to business and collaboration with our partners and customers. We are direct in deadlines, wisely managing our time and sources.

Our principles and values are the key factors of our success. They help us to reach higher results in creating outstanding 3D models and CG products: multimedia presentations, product animation projects, industrial process animation and architectural visualization. We included the best of our most recent projects in our new demo reel.